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D.R.I.P Fest: Dropping Resources In Place

Meet our valued partners at D.R.I.P Fest, where community empowerment and wellness take center stage.

Welcome to D.R.I.P Fest, where DRIP stands for Dropping Resources In Place, merging Hip Hop with public health for an unprecedented celebration. Hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area, each event features a blend of electrifying Hip Hop performances and dedicated health advocacy. Partnering with Freedom Forward and Umoja Health, D.R.I.P Fest transforms each venue into a hub of community empowerment, providing free health screenings, wellness resources, and a vibrant cultural experience. Discover how we’re redefining public health through the power of Hip Hop and community engagement.

Our Partners

Freedom Forward

Freedom Forward is a pioneering organization dedicated to preventing the commercial sexual exploitation of youth in San Francisco. Through the H.Y.P.E Center, their drop-in entry for transitional-age youth, and other collaborative and innovative approaches, they strive to transform systems and empower young voices in shaping solutions that enhance their lives and safety​​.

Umoja Health

Joining them is Umoja Health, an initiative that has been instrumental in providing community-based health interventions and screenings, particularly in response to health crises, by mobilizing a coalition of health organizations to deliver services directly to the communities most in need. Together, these organizations amplify our mission at D.R.I.P Fest, creating a robust support network to foster healthier communities through the powerful medium of Hip Hop.

Past Presenting Organizations

National black nurses Association logo
Stanford Healthcare
Richmond area multi-services inc.
flossin for smiles
San Francisco Public Library
Kipp Public Schools
Center for lgbtq Youth
Black women revolt
Children's creativity Museum
San Francisco lgbtq Center
Nevada State University Reno
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Support Our Growth—Monthly Donation Matters Now More Than Ever

As we strive to expand and solidify our foundation, donations, especially monthly support becomes essential. Our goal is to grow our reach and capabilities to a point where we can consistently offer employment opportunities to talented individuals who are the heartbeat of Hip Hop culture. Each monthly donation you make fuels our efforts to build a stable and impactful platform—enabling us to hire, support, and empower more voices within our community.

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