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Empower Your Practice with Hip Hop

Welcome to a groundbreaking workshop designed for mental health professionals. Our 2-hour Hip Hop Mental Health 101 Workshop offers an innovative approach to therapy, merging the expressive power of Hip Hop with the proven techniques of Social Emotional Learning and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Discover a new dimension in therapeutic practice where creativity meets psychological insight.

Workshop Overview

Understanding Hip Hop Culture:

Gain insights into Hip Hop culture and its powerful role in therapy, contextualized within the frameworks of Social Emotional Learning and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Program Design Principles:

Learn how to design a Hip Hop therapy program tailored to your client base, incorporating the principles of SEL and CBT.

Cultural Competence:

Understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and relevance in program development, ensuring that your Hip Hop therapy initiatives are inclusive and effective.

Implementation Strategies:

Explore strategies for integrating Hip Hop therapy into your existing practice, including client engagement techniques, resource allocation, and program evaluation methods.

Case Studies and Examples:

Analyze real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate successful Hip Hop therapy programs, providing a blueprint for your own initiatives. This segment is dedicated to empowering you with the skills and knowledge not only to understand and apply Hip Hop therapy but also to innovate and lead in this burgeoning field.

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Benefits of Attending

  • Culturally Relevant Techniques: Our workshops offer therapists and clinics the opportunity to learn culturally relevant Hip Hop therapy techniques that resonate with diverse populations, particularly BIPOC communities. By understanding the cultural significance of Hip Hop and its therapeutic potential, participants can enhance their ability to connect with and support clients from various backgrounds.

  • Enhanced Therapeutic Engagement: Participants will gain practical strategies for using Hip Hop elements such as music, lyric analysis, and creative expression to engage clients in therapy sessions. These dynamic and interactive techniques can help therapists foster deeper connections, facilitate self-expression, and promote emotional healing and resilience among their clients.

  • Intersectional Understanding: Hip Hop therapy goes beyond traditional therapeutic approaches by addressing the intersecting factors of race, culture, identity, and social justice. Our workshops provide therapists and clinics with a framework for understanding and addressing these complex issues within the therapeutic context, empowering them to provide more comprehensive and culturally competent care to their clients.

Book This Workshop: Ready to explore the transformative potential of Hip Hop therapy in your practice? Contact us today to bring the "Hip Hop Therapy 101 Workshop" to your clinic or organization. Let's embark on a journey of cultural relevance and healing, empowering you to enhance your therapeutic approach and make a profound impact on your clients' lives.


I have followed Khafre Jay's work for a while and earlier this year, I had the privilege to connect with him 1:1. What I thought would be a meeting to thank him for his work and kindness, turned into profoundly beautiful and insightful conversations and now - partnership! He is incredibly brilliant, compassionate, and thoughtful about the human condition. His heart for others is sincere, and his focus on dismantling systems of oppression is rooted in a deep desire for EVERYONE to heal, thrive, and live their best lives.

Through learning about his evolving work and passion, it was clear that his approach to community wellness and mental health is deeply grounded in health equity, cultural humility, public health, and justice.

In reviewing his mental health programming Hip Hop Therapy 101, I found it to be well researched, academically rigorous, and built upon sound theory (for the folx that need this insight/qualifier). MOST importantly, Khafre's approach is deeply grounded in culturally respectful, celebratory, and honoring practices that are responsive to individual and community needs. His understanding of people, communities, and systems is incredibly profound and only superseded by his dedication, love, and care for humanity, equity, and justice.


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As we strive to expand and solidify our foundation, donations, especially monthly support becomes essential. Our goal is to grow our reach and capabilities to a point where we can consistently offer employment opportunities to talented individuals who are the heartbeat of Hip Hop culture. Each monthly donation you make fuels our efforts to build a stable and impactful platform—enabling us to hire, support, and empower more voices within our community.

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